Pricing & Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What are your rates?
A. We are experts at meeting your budget, large or small. We always provide multiple drafts, depending on the arrangement, to ensure that you have a chance to customize the design to your likiing. We have never had a complaint.
Q. Who owns the rights to my logo / website / design?
A. You do, at all times, and you are covered with a contract.
Q. Do you work in-house on location?
A. No, at the present time, we are only available on a freelance contract basis to do all work off-site. What we do offer is turnaround within a few hours, which moves projects along incredibly fast.
Q. How long does it take you to design something?
A. The amount of time that a logo take is usually a couple of days, for printed materials, usually 2 days, for a website or flash work up to a couple weeks. At the beginning of a new project we carefully outline the timeframe in writing, but typically, you are looking at 4 days to 3 weeks turnaround for whatever your project may be. We try to reply to clients with next drafts within 6-12 hours of receiving feedback. We pride ourselves on prompt, professional service.
Q. Will I be charged extra fees for stock photos?
A. No, all stock imagery is 100% free to you, and fully licensed, at NO cost to you. We never give you hidden fees or charges whatsoever.
Q. Do you provide customers with your personal cellphone and Instant messenger usernames?
A. Call us anytime at (201) 932-9485 or (646) 450-6324 or use AIM/Google/twitter screenname: Imageappeal -Our goal is to offer you a happy and easy experience. We are not like some design agencies who make it hard for you to contact the actual team. We will give you multiple ways to reach us 24/7 for whatever your needs
Q. Do you provide support for templates?
A. Sure we are happy to look at the template you are working with and see if we are able to program in an appropriate language to edit it for you.
Q. Got additional questions you would like to see here?
A. Email us, and we'll get right on it!

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......"Mr Paul is a good designer. Have a excellent knowledge on print media!”
Frinley Paul
......“I have had the privilege of hiring Image Appeal on several larger scale web development projects. ImageAppeal's work on my projects were inspiring. Paul is a perfectionist”
Peter Doak
......“Paul is a fantastic designer, his user-interface work, and xhtml are extremely impressive. I am always bringing up Paul's website as an example to my colleaques about ideal portability / SEO based project work”
Sahil Sapra
......“I still think you do the most beautiful and user-friendly websites of anyone I know in your price range”
Karen Lyu
  Image Appeal - Graphic & Web Design Studio. Servicing the NY / NJ area