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Full-Width Slider Post

Full-Width Slider Post

Are you wondering whether you can use these dynamic slides in any slider type? You most certainly can! A dynamic slide generator can be chosen for any slider type, which means that you can create a really cool looking product slider using the Carousel slider type, or highlight your posts in a Simple type or Showcase type slider. The created posts slides can also be fullwidth (like this demo), which is one of the most popular sliders used nowadays. Any layer can be used on the slide and any control can be selected, giving a unique look to each of your dynamic post generator slider.

So go and create a slider from a specific category (or multiple ones), or your favourite tag(s) in your blog. You can even create dynamic posts slides from your custom post types, or even better, you can specify some of your already existing posts that will be shown in the slider with the actual data of your posts.

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