ImageAppeal - Sensational style

Meet The Team

Larry Thurmond


For over a decade Davneet Chawla has been helping clients develop successful branding strategies, unparalleled creative advertising concepts, and innovative interactive marketing solutions.

    David Law


    David Law is a New York-based interactive marketing specialist and designer. A 13+ year industry veteran, his projects have been recognized by iNova, WebAwards and the EPA.

      Sarah Wright


      Sarah Wright is a design maven who is happy to help you grow your business. She is an Expert that heads up the Image Appeal team.Her areas of expertise include, but are not limited.

        Jen Scarisbrick


        Direction is helpful, specifically with the art department, which is David’s role as you guessed it art director. A jack of many creative trades, his strongest assets are being an unapologetic Brooklyn.

          Aaron Henry

          SEO/Web Specialist

          Wake up, eat, design, laugh a little. All of this is fueled by 5% coffee, 25% whipped cream, 20% caramel & 50% sugar while creating e-mail blasts, websites, logo branding etc.

            Tyler DeHague


            Graphics design is a dish best severed with a side of wit and sass. As a young yet experienced designer, Tyler keeps up with the office lifestyle. while bringing a lot of his personality to the mix.

              Piotr Miarka


              A graphics designer by practice, Piotr navigates a variety of different digital mediums. His day to day routine includes Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, two cups of coffee.

                Ross Welborn


                As the office rock star, Ross does it all – from graphic design and illustration to production and writing. Ross’s unique talents blend technical knowledge with practical experience.

                  David Henry

                  Web Specialist

                  David leads the technology team to the successful delivery of pixel perfect, fast performing. He works directly with clients and vendors, and is involved in requirements, solutions architecture.

                    John DeHague


                    John’s nose has been in a book long before he was strong enough to hold hardcovers on his own. At Image appeal he brings that tenacious love of learning to strategy, coaching clients.

                      Micheal Bissell


                      Miarka comes to image appeal with a passion for the intersection of visual design and strategy. Prior to Image appeal, Logan worked on user experience and design for mobile apps.

                        Ross Tait


                        Born in New York City, raised in North Carolina, Ross is a designer who has always been interested in creative expression, particularly the relationship between art, design, and activism.

                          Jay Guiles

                          Senior Designer

                          Guiles is self-taught and enjoys designing because its like being able to use the same pieces to solve a different puzzle. He is renowned at Iamge appeal for his ability to explain the toughest.

                            Chuck Hodges


                            Chuck is a designer with an eye for design and attention to detail. He works closely with our team to ensure our vision is beautifully executed in code. He impresses everyone.

                              Nicholas Benoit

                              Web Development

                              Benoit is a full stack web developer with a background in strategic design. Benoit seeks to use his skills in programming and design to build tools that help promote positive social change.

                                Jordan Benoit


                                Although it’s not technically my specialty, I love doing illustration. I’m at my best when I step away from the screen and put pencil to paper. Creativity is limitless when you let your pencil wander.

                                  Michael T. Haywood

                                  Senior Programmer

                                  My role at Image appeal involves creating visuals for the entirety of the design process. Whether my work is more stylist or 3D photo-realistic, I try to bring ideas to life wherever I can.

                                    Francisco Z. Bates


                                    I worked in the advertising industry, so I have an innate love for storytelling and branding. This background has made me a very conceptual and strategic designer and the best branding.

                                      Stephan S. Cote

                                      Web Development

                                      I attack every day with a strong work ethic. I try my best and then try again. That approach allows to me to push the boundaries. My favorite part of my job is finding an unexpected, but just-right.

                                        Kevin W. Black


                                        For several years now, I’ve specialized in package design and brand worlds, particularly for various spirits brands. Through visual storytelling and designs that forge strong emotion.