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Sensational style on demand is our tagline, and we mean it. We are your digital architects. We focus on creating designs that help you close deals, look official, and beyond your typical competition. the reason is our 15+ years of experience doing what we love- graphic design services. We pride ourselves on not only designing work that looks great, but stable code, healthy programming behind the frontend, and exceptional Information Architecture / Taxonomies.

The driving force behind the Image Appeal team are Corey Shomo and Christopher Jones, partners in the design and artistic majesty known as imageappeal.

Corey, a 35 year old experienced design veteran worked as Senior graphics asset manager at Universial Music Group, and moved on to found ImageAppeal and the culture collective: KANEK.

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Christopher, a 32 year old design prodigy. and his wife Cindy live in Edison, New Jersey with their four kids, Pacha, Mary, Erik, and Barnett. ImageAppeal boasts several specialist designers and a fulltime coder on staff, and work hand in hand with a content writer and print shop (in the NY metro area).

We welcome the opportunity to gain your business and impress you with the types of winning quality graphic designs that you can find on our portfolio. Call today to get started at (201) 932-9485 or (646) 450-6324.

IMAGEAPPEAL ! An integrated design agency specialized in almost all arena of graphic art. We are operated by learning, educating, innovating, creating and thus delivering output. Our style is to keep up with the constantly shifting and changing norm of this dynamic industry. Imageappeal was founded on the core principal that we will work with our client more as a strategic partner than merely outsourced dealer.

How we recognize

At first the Imageappeal team gives a special thanks to WebEx, Google Docs, Skype, Phone, Email and you know the internet, through which our service and advice reach far corners of the globe. Likediva believes leadership in the firm is not about rising above the rest, but helping others- consultants and clients to go beyond their expectations. The Imageappeal team pursues these objectives in many ways: by addressing client’s toughest challenges and by developing ground breaking knowledge. The team is headed by one of the sharpest digital natives in the world.

Imageappeal VALUES :

Our Quest is to cope up with the dynamism of internet marketing. We implement dynamic marketing strategies for our clients that allow them to meet the shifting demands of their customers.

We are committed to create long term relationship with our suppliers and customers. We consider our people the valuable asset. We create an environment that encourages innovation, that is diverse, fun, supportive and creative.

We are focused in transparency and accountability. Our business live by seven core values . These values direct us everything we do. We develop and we market to our clients, communities and employees.

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